Hi!  My name is Kelli and I've only recently figured out that, after years of keeping journals, writing stories and plays and some preliminary blogging, I want to be a writer.  A real, New York Times Bestselling Author.  I originally started this blog to write the novel that my mother always believed I was capable of writing and, four years later, I feel like it's really time to start that.  But along the way, I've rediscovered my love of living my crazy expat life.  So the focus of my blog is my family, my kids, and my life overseas.  If you're looking for recipes or crafts... well, I cook and I craft but it's not impressive enough to take pictures of.  But if you want to know what it's like living in Bahrain, traveling the world with two kids and two furbabies, being married to a tall, gorgeous Rugby Star with the hint of his British accent, then you've come to the right place!

The expat part of my life's story started back in December 2001 when I received a forward from a college professor.  The original email was from my friend Kimi who was teaching Drama down in the Dominican Republic and they had an immediate need for a music teacher because the guy who was working there had 'done a runner' at Thanksgiving- he'd waved goodbye for the weekend... to never return!  I emailed Kimi back just to say hi- we hadn't talked in years and I told her it was neat what she was doing (but I was not interested, thank you very much).

Well, fast forward about two weeks later- I'm in New Orleans with my dad, meeting the director of the school.  After a three-hour interview he said, "Would you like to know how much you'll be making?"  I kind of shrugged and he smirked and said, "You realize I'm offering you the job, right?"  Then, as I sat in stunned silence, he asked if I wanted to go get my dad, who was in the room down the hall.

I spent two and a half years in the sunny Caribbean.  Then I moved to Kuwait where I taught MS/HS choir and guitar and met the Rugby Star and adopted two furbabies.  I was there three years (the Rugby Star was there for two years), then we moved together to Shanghai, getting engaged in the summer in between.  Two years and a big GA wedding later, we moved to Guatemala, got another furbaby after losing one in the floods, and had the Ladybug.  Three years later, two furbabies, one kid and one on the way, we moved back to the sandbox and are currently residing in Bahrain.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy our stories!


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