Thursday, June 13, 2013

Want some aloe for that burn?

Today, I schooled an 8th grader on the definition of the word respect.

At first, he thought he deserved respect, just for being a human, just for his life experience.

I corrected him- not all humans deserve respect.  I will not deny you your human rights to water and the bathroom.  I'm not going to throw things at you or try and injure you.  I value your life.   But you don't get respect just for being alive.  Axe-murderers and rapists are alive.  Child molesters and puppy-beaters are alive but I don't respect them.  They have life experience- vastly different life experiences from mine... *side eye*

But you, you 8th grade boy, have done nothing to earn my respect.  I have gone to school for seven years to earn a Masters in Music Education.  I have taught music and drama for 11 years, grades Pre-K through 12.  I have taken students to the International Honor Choir and have a student attending the Boston Conservatory of Music.  I know more than you.  I have something to teach you.  I should have earned your respect.

He countered- but teachers think we don't respect them for no reason and we do respect them.  I respect you for your experiences.

I rebutted- you don't respect me.  If you respected me, you would do the work I require for my class. You would practice the guitar and you would come to class prepared to take a test.  When I asked you to stop talking, you would.  You wouldn't tell other teachers how annoying I am when I set expectations (this wasn't actually about me but another teacher).  You don't respect me or my life experience.

He came back with... nothing.  Then he gave me a half-shrug and a bit of a smile and said, "You're right."

In your face, 8th grader... wait.  

Monday, June 10, 2013


Don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty much finished with this school year.  Grades and all.  There's a week and a couple of days left to go.  I literally have no idea how to fill my time.

So I'll write.

This school year has been interesting, to say the least.  I chatted with a friend the other night who said, "You look like you've had a great year!"  She couldn't see me because using the video call part of Skype makes it run slow, but I gave her a side-eye.  My reply, "Yeah, well I'm friends with people who don't really need to know otherwise."

That's the thing with social media, huh?  You can't really be as honest as you'd like.  Well, some people are too honest, but in general, if you're a responsible member of the human race, you definitely have to limit the rants you go on, just in case the wrong person reads it.

My dad's employer said that if anyone is caught making negative statements about the company on Facebook, they could be fired.  So my dad's not on Facebook at all, just in case.  Just in case he accidentally says something negative?  I've never heard my dad complain about his job in 30-something years.  I doubt he's going to 'accidentally' go on a Facebook rant now.

But just in case...

We've had a bit of a rough year, professionally speaking.  This blog is still social media so I won't go into the specifics, but I will say I'm glad it's coming to a close and I'm hopeful that next year will prove more rewarding.  I try to channel my inner-Rachel each day and be all 'love myself, love my moments, make happiness out of rotten lemons, etc.'  Sometimes it works, sometimes I throw those rotten lemons at people... and that makes me happy.

I suppose I'll start the great international novel this week.  Seems like a thing to do to fill the time. 

What would you do with some extra time?