Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And on and on and on...

We're back to Square 3.78 with the dogs.  Continental Cargo, as I originally suspected, can't fly Bay's crate on the 2nd leg of the journey because they don't run any planes big enough from Houston to Atlanta.  Actually, the say they can only fit two medium crates or one large crate total.  We have a medium and extra large. 

So now I've emailed Jessica from Delta.  It's not Friday, so I hope she's not quite as busy as she was last time.

I'm really starting to consider setting the dogs free.  Just kidding.  Or am I?

I thought I'd include another fantastic, OIG-tastic adventure for your enjoyment.  I just received a package from my lovely, beautiful Sissy-Pie.  She sent me some prenatal vitamins, of the gummy variety, some delicioso grits, of all varieties, a new outfit and some bath toys for the Lady Bug.  Do you know when she sent it?  Well, it's May... I think she mailed it in February.  Possibly March. 

Let me tell you why it just got here.  My friend L has a Miami address that we use to get stuff to Guatemala.  It means that when we get stuff shipped, instead of paying international rates for shipping and then just crossing our fingers that the ineffective mail system of Guate will actually deliver the item, we pay a company to ENSURE that the item gets here.

After waiting what seemed like a ridiculous amount of time for a package of her own, L called the company and was told, "It'll be there this week."  This went on for three to four weeks.  She was told she had four packages waiting.  They'll all be there this week.

They weren't.  It took no less than five phone calls to figure out that her account was actually closed because she hadn't paid the $15 annual fee... that she had never paid before and knew nothing of.  So she paid it.  And three packages arrived almost immediately. 

None of them were mine.

For reasons unknown, my package took another three weeks to arrive.

Because it's Guatemala.  And that's just how we roll. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Tough Get Going

Dog situation update: I got some information from a friend who left with her dog last year.  She suggested Continental Cargo (which, apparently, can be called United too, or, according to Dale from Houston, anything I want, really).  I called.  I sat on hold for 52 minutes before being connected to Dale.  I couldn't help but smile- his accent was fantastic and even though he was not being helpful- well, not in the way I needed him to be- everything he said made me laugh.

Especially the part when he said it wouldn't be hard to get in touch with and deal with United Cargo here in Guatemala.  I openly guffawed at that.  But Dale said he'd been to Guatemala and he knew that it would be okay.

I didn't trust Dale but, as my dogs were still not coming home with us, I had no choice but to go ahead with my attempts to get them on some sort of plane.  Using the information provided by the aforementioned friend, I emailed United Cargo and- shock and joyous surprise- got an almost immediate response.  And now, we are simply waiting for our reservation to be confirmed.  So, it would seem, that the dogs are coming home with us.

Probably.  Never count your chickens in Guatemala.

In other news: We have officially begun the clean out/selling off of acquired things.  It's a long, arduous process because, while I have sold my rugs and desks and tables, I can't actually get rid of them yet.  We still have over a month in Guatemala and I'm not ready to be reduced to sitting on the floor quite yet.  So some things are going- the things we've realized we can live without.  Dave sold the bar- a good and bad thing.  Well, mostly good, if I'm being honest.  The bar was our family's catch-all.  Selling it and moving it out forced us to go through all the junk that we had been squirreling away for two years.  I found the camera I thought I'd left in Georgia.  That's good.  Realizing that this is only the beginning of the purge... bad (realizing that at least no part of my house looks like THAT- good).
Sigh.  Bittersweet.  It's always bittersweet.