Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Green-Eyed Monster

I don't read a lot of other blogs.  I feel like I should, but I haven't found many that I LOVE or that I even remember to check.  Usually, someone will suggest something, I'll read the post, maybe even a few others, and then forget about it.  And I think I know the reason.

Reading other people's stuff makes me the teeniest, tiniest bit jealous.  What if they're a better writer than me?  What if they have more followers than me?  What if they're just more interesting?  It kind of makes me mad.  Mostly at myself because I know I WANT to write and I don't.  I know that I'm lazy and tired (a deadly combination for creativity).  I make excuses like, "I'm so busy," or "I don't have enough time," or "I have other things to do."  And while they are excuses, they are true, too. 

But other people who do just as much as me, sometimes more, write.  Daily.  Or at least weekly.  Other people have hundreds of followers, say interesting and funny things, or hell, have published works.  Me?  I've done Nano twice and I write this blog... occasionally. 

I don't feel particularly profound, either. 

And I say "I" a lot. 

My mom used to love my emails when I first moved to the Dominican Republic.  She loved them because I was funny and able to find the humor in the craziness I was surrounded by.  Four countries later, it's either just every day or it's infuriating. 

But today, I vow to find the humor and to make you, me and my mom laugh again.  I will find the funny in all things OIG-tastic (Only in Guatemala).  And I will tell you about them. 

And then I will have more followers, some comments, and perhaps that will spur me onwards towards greatness.  Or at least more frequent writing.

Challenge: Accepted.