Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creativity Bootcamp

I am embarking on a self-imposed Creativity Bootcamp.  For the next 30 days, I will follow two separate prompts- one for photography and one for writing.  I am also committing myself to trying two things that I find on Pinterest each weekend (and yes, it counts if I pinned them).

Why?  Because I feel stagnant and I want to do Nanowrimo again this year (I failed MISERABLY last year) and I don't know where the creative juices are going to come from.  So I'm making them flow.  Two of my favorite things in the world are photography- which I'm admittedly NOT good at- and writing- which I am better at.  But I'm lazy- I haven't in all the years that I've been buying and losing expensive cameras ever taken a photography class or spent more than twenty or thirty minutes playing with any of those cameras.  I've read about f-stop and aperture a million times and still don't understand it, not even a bit.  And I'm super-lazy when it comes to writing.  There's nothing stopping me from writing for a few minutes every day... but I don't.

So I am challenging myself now- I will complete both 30 day challenges in a hope to inspire myself to be creative again.  Fingers crossed, it works.  Follow my adventures on the two pages I've set up for this.  Or don't.  Whatever makes you happy :)


  1. I have taken photography class and I still don't understand f-stop and aperture! :-)

  2. Kelli, I love you because you are just like me in that you always want to have a PROJECT to do! I love a girl with goals!