Saturday, June 26, 2010

Different levels of torture...

People said I should've known, and maybe they were right.  After all, I married a physical education teacher- a gorgeous man who plays rugby, soccer and has enough swimming trophies to make even Michael Phelps jealous.  But we met in Kuwait- there were no bars in Kuwait so there was nowhere to go to watch sports, except to the local rugby pitch.  The local satellite company rarely showed sporting events and if they did, they were few and far between.  The first summer he came to visit me in Georgia, there was no golf channel... or if there was, I didn't know about it so neither did he.  I thought I had found this perfect man- a sporty guy who didn't watch sports...

In Shanghai, there were a few more sporting events shown on TV, but not usually our TV.  A fellow American owned a bar/restaurant on the Hongmei Lu walking street that showed various things- the super bowl, soccer tournaments, rugby games.  They were always shown live, which meant at 2 or 3am, Shanghai-time.  So my wonderful husband would wake up in the middle of the night and go and watch those things there.  During the Masters last year, he set an alarm for 1:45am and took himself to the couch to watch hours of golf before school.  Sure, I woke up to an empty bed, but I never had to endure an afternoon of golf coverage on the local channel.

Now, however, we live in Guatemala.  We get a CBS station out of Pennsylvania.  They show football and golf.  We get ESPN in Spanish.  They show all manner of soccer games, all of them equally as important as the last.  And now, in the summer, it's golf and the World Cup.  I think, if I speak the truth, that my wonderful husband has only missed one or two of the games since the start- and that was on the day we were traveling home.  Our activities for the day are planned by who is playing when- can we make it to our destination and back before the next game starts?  And when there is no soccer, there is golf.  All day, everyday, on a channel devoted entirely to golf. 

People have asked, when forced to listen to my whining about all the golf, football, basketball, and soccer that is constantly on my TV, "You're suprised?"  And I have to admit that, while not surprised that he enjoys watching sports, I am flabbergasted by just how MUCH he can watch.  As soon as one game/tournament is over, he finds another one.  I'm convinced that if someone delcared grass-mowing to be a sport, he'd watch it. 

I suppose if I try to find the good in this situation- the one I should've known about, but didn't- it's that I find myself being a bit more active, spending a lot less time in front of the TV.  Because I don't like watching golf.  Soccer's okay, but that stupid off-sides rule is, well, stupid and it makes me angry that I really don't understand it.  So I find ways to amuse myself or say yes a little more when invited out.  So that's a good side effect.

The bad side effect is that we finally broke down and became a two-TV family in Guatemala.  Dave has one in his man room and I get to use the one downstairs... sometimes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Damn you, Jillian Michaels!

I hate exercise. 

I like the idea of exercise- cute little clothes, comfy shoes, working up a sweat, tight, flat abs.  I like carrying around a yoga mat and saying, "Yeah, I practice yoga," whether anyone asked me or not. I like standing in the fitness section at Wal-Mart, trying to decide what new workout video to get or if I need some wrist weights or hand weights.  And did I mention the cute little workout clothes?  I L.O.V.E workout clothes!  When you wear workout clothes, people assume you're going to workout or that you have already worked out and they respect you more.  Or they're jealous.  Either way is fine with me.

But the actual act of exercising- I don't like that.  I have been known to spend twenty minutes getting ready to exercise- putting on cute clothes, finding a towel to wipe away the sweat, getting a cold glass of water ready to rehydrate my parched body- only to make it through less than ten minutes of a workout before getting bored.  I regularly take cute workout clothes to school with the full intention of getting in the gym or going around the track a few times at the end of my day, only to lug the bag back to the car, unopened and sweat-free, whining to Dave, "I'm too tired."  I do envy those with the discipline to go to the gym or worse- RUN every day.  We have lots of those people at our school.  One girl in particular runs every day and she's beautiful and it looks effortless and every time I see her sail by I think, "I could run."  But I never do because in my heart of hearts, I know I don't actually like running.  When people tell me they're going to run, I use the old, "Why?  Is someone chasing you?" line.  Every time.  And I really feel that way.  I keep saying that I'm just waiting for an activity that I like then I'll do it all the time.  Even that isn't true, though- because I really like rock climbing and I've only been twice. 

I promise this, though- next (school) year that will change.  I will rock climb at least twice a week, if not more.  Dave and I bought a new Jillian Michaels' DVD and, even though I haven't been able to move for the past three days, I'm going to do it every day- before school, even.  I'm going to go to the yoga and pilates classes after school and I'm going to learn to like exercise.  I'm going to be healthier and have more energy and buy lots and lots of cute workout clothes!

Or I won't... whatever.