Saturday, May 15, 2010


Megapaca!  Bargain shopping at it's best!  I got up at 5:15am to take Dave to catch the bus to El Salvador for a rugby game then got dressed, grabbed two friends and headed on over to the Megapaca.  It's basically Goodwill, so you've gotta look long and hard.  But you can find some good stuff, and boy is it cheap!  The most I paid for anything was $3.00!  I will definitely be heading back there.

Now to switch topics completely.  I think one of the hardest and best parts of growing up is coming to terms with who you are.  And liking it.  I don't think Mom was ever able to do that- just like who she was.  But I can understand why- it's not always easy.  For example, there is a group of people here who I like.  They're fun and nice and I enjoy spending time with them.  Sometimes.  But they do like to drink.  And I'm not as gung-ho about being hammered as they are.  Last night, we went to a party.  After about 30 minutes, I realized I was sitting alone, nursing a beer, watching conversations happen around me.  Now before you go feeling sorry for me, I wasn't unhappy about it.  In fact, I looked around the room and realized that I didn't have a darn thing to say to anybody anyway.  It was a weird feeling.  It was kind of freeing and painful at the same time. 

But ultimately, I like me.  I feel like I miss out on things or don't get invited to all the things I'd like to.  But I'm also perfectly happy spending a gorgeous Saturday alone at home, reading in the hammock and petting my pups. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yo Soy Vegetariano

I am a vegetarian.  I've been a vegetarian for a little over two years.  Most people know this and most people ask why.  The condensed version... well, I suppose it isn't really condensed because it's a short story anyway... is that I read "Skinny Bitch," wanted to throw up when I read about how animals are treated in slaughter houses and on farms, and that was that.  There was one particularly disturbing paragraph about a pig that I can't even talk about without tearing up and feeling the bile collect in my throat.  Just so you understand- I had pulled frozen chicken out of the freezer for dinner on the night I finished the book.  Dave came home and I announced, rather dejectedly, "You're going to have cook that- I don't eat meat anymore."

Dejectedly, you ask?  Yes.  It is very true.  I like meat.  I miss hamburgers and (even) hot dogs and especially anything that comes from Chick-fil-A.  I miss not having to say, "There's nothing I can eat there," when Dave wants to go out for dinner.  Every day is a struggle.  Not a moral struggle, mind you.  The women who wrote "Skinny Bitch" did a very good job of making you really connect to the animals- they likened pigs to dogs, saying they nuzzle and beg to be petted.  Well, I have two dogs.  And even starting to entertain the thought of what happened in that one paragraph in the book happening to one of my dogs... it's enough to steal my resolve.

But here is where I will reveal my secret hope, my strongest desire, even.  When the time comes, if the time comes, when I get knocked up, I pray to God that I will crave meat.  Because I will NOT deny my unborn child anything, especially if it comes from Chick-fil-A.

Day 3.  Conquered.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kelli's Got Talent?

Tonight is the Teacher Talent Show at our school.  Dave and I are performing- he's playing and I'm singing.  You might be asking, "Playing what?" as a certain gorgeous person that I know asked me when I told her.  She followed that question up with, "A CD player?"  It still makes me giggle.  Nope, Dave is not playing the CD player.  He's playing Taylor Swift's "Our Song" on the guitar and I will be singing.  I will not lie- I am nervous.  I have no problem performing to a room full of faceless strangers.  But it's different performing for your students.  Especially the judgmental and overly critical middle-school variety.  We did get a little boost of confidence yesterday during rehearsal, though, when some kids wandered in from outside to listen to us and started clapping along.  Most of the kids here LO-O-O-O-O-VE Taylor so I figure it'll go over well, even if we flunk it up.  No harm in asking for good vibes though!

Four weeks of school, five until we're home.  I'm very excited for the summer.  I'm also excited for next summer as Dave and I discussed what we want to do (sometimes you do have to plan).  We're thinking ALASKA.  Yes.  A couple of weeks in Alaska would be awesome- we both have wanted to go there for a while and I think that summer would be the ideal time.  We'll see where life takes us, but it's in the works already!

People.  People crack me up.  I love when they get up-in-arms for getting called out on something they shouldn't have been doing... but they're angry because they got caught.  And they want you to side with them.  And you can't really because, secretly, you agree with the people that called them out.  Cryptic enough for you?  You never know who's reading...

I'm off and running.  Day 2.  Done.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Small Hiatus

I have not been the faithful writer that I intended to be.  I will blame Auburn for that.  My final class for my master's degree started in January, the Thursday after Mom died.  It was a research class and the teacher is infamous for being hard and requiring a lot of work.  So I've been doing a lot of work over the past four months.  It went like this: Friday at 4pm we had an hour long class.  Before the next Friday, I had to watch one or two video podcasts, usually an hour-ish each.  For most of the term, I would also have to do research and then write two literature reviews each week.  When that was done, I was still attending class, studying for tests, and watching podcasts, plus writing a fake research paper.  I spent oodles of time at the computer and once I was done, I had no interest in writing anything else.

But, as I said, it was my final class and I took the final exam last Friday.  And now I am making writing a priority again.  A little each day.  I want to get back on track with my novel- I know mom would want me to.  I also want to find my "funny" again.  Admittedly, I have lost interest in the world of Gretchen and her family.  I would like to write something lighter, something that has my voice.  Or am I discovering that my voice is not as chipper as I once thought?  I hope not.  All the ideas I have for books are dramas- full of angst and emotion.  I'm not in the mood for that.

I might start on a book that I want to write for a younger audience.  It is about a middle school-aged girl who goes to everything she's invited to because she's afraid of missing out of anything.  I think I'll start working on that now.