Friday, May 28, 2010

Stopping by woods...

Just popping in today so I can say I wrote.  Pacaya exploded last night and again today, raining volcanic ash down on the city.  Our backyard looks like an asphalt truck stopped by for a visit.  Our poor maid, Emma, spent over 2 hours cleaning it up (don't look down on me- I didn't know she was going to do that or I would've told her not to).  On the bright side, we did have the day off, by order of the president.  He also sent us a text, commanding that we clean up the ash from in front of our house.  Not D and me personally, but everyone in Guate with a phone I think.

Baby K was born today!  Woo hoo for cousins and best friends and new baby cousins! I"ll get to meet him in 2 1/2 weeks :)  I can't wait!!!

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